Baby Nursery in Box Hill

Baby Day Care (0-12 Months)

Infant Day Care & Nursery

Our nursery provides a warm, safe environment for your baby to learn and grow. It’s well-resourced with caring and gentle educators who develop nurturing relationships with your baby, so they develop trust and a sense of belonging. We recognise the importance of maintaining your home routine to ensure your baby’s daily transition into our care is as smooth as possible, so we're able personalise care and routine accordingly.

A Day at Papilio Box Hill (for 0-24 months)

  • Breakfast: Between 6:30am to 8:00am - according to each baby's routine
  • Morning: Exploration session
  • Mid-Morning: Babies are offered a meal or rest time
  • Lunch: Warm, cooked meal - according to each baby's routine
  • Early Afternoon: Outdoor time and music
  • Late Afternoon: Babies are offered a meal, rest time or sensory activities
  • Dinner: 5:00pm, late snack - according to each baby's routine

During the first year of your baby’s life, they are developing a picture of themselves based on the experiences they have and the relationships they build. Our Healthy Beginnings program supports your baby’s growth and development by offering a range of different activities so they can engage in essential sensory exploration to enhance their cognitive and motor skills. We do things like playing with soft toys, feeling different textures, arts and crafts, tummy time, mirror play, listening to music, story time, outdoor play and food experiences.

Specially designed with safety features and age-appropriate toys and furniture, our nursery is a place where your baby can freely learn about the world in a cosy, safe environment.

We would love to show you our nursery room and answer any questions you might have! Book a tour of our centre online, or call 1800 CHILD CARE for more information. 

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